Esmark Finch Packaging Trends for 2019

It’s that time of year again. Love is in the air. At Esmark Finch our first love has always been packaging. We’re looking at the packaging trends expected in 2019 and here are few that we LOVE:

1. That Personal Touch

Digital printing makes it easier to customise packaging and add personalisation to products. Personalisation allows a company to promote their name and brand in an impactful way that stands out from competitors and adds value.

This trend has been around for a few years, but we have a feeling personalised will be big in 2019. Top brands have tried personalised packaging and found a significant return on this investment.

We all remember the iconic Coca-Cola campaign ‘Share a Coke’, printing names on their labels. Similarly, Nutella’s jars can be personalised with a name or seasonal event, making it the perfect gift for any time of year.

Digital printing allows for personalised labels for Coca Cola
(image source)

These brands are using digital print to increase their emotional engagement with consumers and potential customers, to boost their brand status. With the increase in digital printing within the industry, this more or less guarantees we’ll be seeing more brands using personalised packaging in 2019.

bloomsberry chocolate packaging customised and unique
Bloomsberry Chocolate unique packaging

2. Keeping It Simple

‘Less is more’ is a trend for 2019 as we expect minimalist packaging to continue its popularity. The minimalist trend is most noticed in product labels these days. People tend to resist information overload. Packaging that have fine print and too much detail are considered a turnoff, simple labels and packaging that tell consumers what the product is and what’s in it for them.

From clean labeling to minimalist graphics with bold colours and fonts, there’s a mixture of ways to achieve a simpler design approach. However, simple definitely does NOT mean boring, packaging still needs to stand out from competitors. The goal is to achieve a more classic, clean, uncluttered appearance in 2019.

Berry Be Beauty Packaging is simple and classic
Our client Berry Be Beauty design is uncluttered

3. Be Transparent

To be clear, we are talking about transparency in two ways. We mean both the packaging being literally transparent but also promoting a positive honest brand image. Keeping communication and product claims on packaging simple and straightforward

People love being able to see what they’re purchasing, especially when it comes to consumer goods such as food. Going beyond just the listed ingredients on the label, consumers also want to see the physical product before purchase, signaling to consumers is that they are open and honest about what their products really are. Even outside of food packaging, we think transparent packaging is going to be a big trend in 2019.

Jo's absolute nutrition packaging
Jo’s Absolute Nutrition shows off their product

4. Sustainable Is No Longer A Trend

As we have said before, when it comes to sustainable packaging, it is no longer a trend. It’s an expectation by consumers.

The movement that started almost a generation ago with the 3-R principle: reduce, reuse and recycle. Today, with TV shows like Blue Planet highlighting the devastating impact plastic is having, sustainable packaging can be the only way forward.

Carton board is 100% biodegradable, meaning it is fully recyclable and compostable. At Esmark Finch, we are proud to say all our board is FSC certified.

We recently sourced a recycled board ‘Earth Pact Naturel’ which is made from agricultural waste. On average, only 20% of a plant is used for food and the remaining 80% are stems and leaves. Worldwide a majority of agricultural waste is burned, however this material gives a second life to this ‘waste’. The result is a high quality, beautifully textured organic board.

Sustainable packaging recycled board made from agricultural waste.

You can read more about this material here

Inspired by any of these trends? Unbox your love of packaging this Valentine’s Day.

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